Wholesale Fuels

We deliver tankwagon and transport loads fuel direct to your business or job site. Our sales representatives closely monitor the market and keep our customers appraised of price movements to improve your buying experience.


Our full line of automotive, commercial, industrial, aviation, and agricultural products will keep your maintenance program covered. We offer branded and Fleet products ranging from crank case oils to greases, gear lubricants, and food grade oils.


Whether you need a trusted diesel treatment or a professional strength hand soap, Fleetwing has you covered. Our years of experience have given us the opportunity to test and develop the best performing chemicals and additives on the market.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Fleetwing is a proud carrier of DEF which we deliver direct to you in bulk, tote, drum, or case packaging to meet your needs no matter how big or small your fleet is. . We provide this product as part of the EPA Clean Air Act while offering a product that improves fuel economy 3-5% and leads to more efficient combustion with near zero NOx emissions.


Fleetwing is an authorized distributor of the Prestone brand. People have trusted the Prestone name for outstanding protection in their car or truck’s cooling systems since 1927.

Spray Oils

Fleetwing is a proud distributor of the Orchex line of Agricultural Spray Oils. These products serve as a proven and safe weapon in combating a broad range of insects, diseases, and weeds that impact agricultural and crop production and profitability.