Product Line

We proudly carry a complete line of petroleum-related products from nationally recognized manufacturers such as:

  • Conoco
  • Cal 5 Fuel additives
  • Kendall
  • Phillips Aviation
  • Biobor
  • Phillips 66
  • Union 76
  • Primrose
  • Bel-Ray
  • Fleetwing Private Label
  • Orchex Citrus Spray Oil


Available Products:  


On/Off road diesel, kerosene, gasolines, bio diesel, recreational fuels (non-ethanol.)


Automotive and Commercial Vehicle Oils

Automotive engine oils, drive train oils, heavy duty diesel engine oils, hydraulic oils, motorcycle & outboard oils, railroad engine oils, tractor hydraulic fluids.


Industrial Oils

Circulating oils, compressor oils, gas engine oils, gear oils, heat transfer oils, hydraulic oils (anti-wear, environmentally sensitive, fire resistant, food grade and multi-grade), oil based cutting fluids, paper machine oils, refrigeration oils, rust preventatives, turbine oils, water soluble metal cutting fluids, way and spindle oils.

Coolants / Fuel Additives - Fuel Treatment, Antifreeze.

def tote

Diesel Exhaust Fluid


Aviation Fluids –
Hydraulics, jet oils and piston oils


Greases –
Aviation greases, commercial and personal vehicle greases, industrial greases


Agricultural Oils – Orchex citrus spray oils.

Chemicals – Degreasers, aluminum brightener, concrete cleaner, truck wash/degreaser, non-chlorinated brake cleaner, vehicle wash/wax, concentrated windshield wash solvent, penetrating oil, acid coil cleaner, rust/scale remover.





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