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Fleetwing provides a complete line of DEF equipment, from drum pumps to complete bulk systems with island dispensers that can be easily integrated with your POS systems. 

One of the first questions our customers typically ask is, "How much DEF do I need to inventory and what equipment should I dispense with?"  The table below shows our recommended onsite DEF storage based on the number of SCR equipped trucks you will be running out of the local location. 

storage matrix

Once you determine which kind of DEF storage you need consider how your needs will change over time as your SCR fleet grows.  e2e Lifecycle program provides a completely managed solution from your first jug or drum all the way to full bulk handling solutions.  We'll plan with you as your fleet turns over and new SCR trucks are introduced to each location.  This lifecycle approach to equipment makes sure that each of your locations has the optimum DEF equipment required to lower product costs, ensure driver productivity, and eliminate the obsolescence of drum and tote pumps as you migrate to a bulk system.


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